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Prewett-Vance Wedding

Because there isnt time to log it, with midterms and the such, we instead present a summary of Xmas eve at the Prewett residence. The highlight of which, of course, was the wedding that took place immediately before dinner.

Emmeline invited Andromeda (and Nymphadora and Ted) to Christmas Eve Dinner at the Prewett Residence. The “Dinner” was in fact Gideon and Emmeline’s wedding. However, Gideon is paranoid and did not want to tell anyone that it was the wedding until they arrived, hence the invitations were to a small family dinner (and the wedding ceremony was actually followed by a dinner so that at least was the truth if not the whole truth).

It was a small ceremony in the Prewett Residence with their immediate families (and grandparents) and Andi, Ted and Dorrie. Andi arrived earlier in the afternoon to ‘visit’ with Emmeline before the dinner, though really she got to help Em get ready while Gideon and Fabian played chess in the Library. Or at least, Fabian played chess, Gideon tried to play, but played very poorly, so much so in fact that his *own* knight stomped on his fingers when he made a particularly careless move, causing Fabian no end of amusement.

The decorations were tasteful but highly magical of nature, including sparkles that perpetually fell (but did not collect on the carpet) and a rain of white rose petals that preceded the bride down the aisle. Not to mention Christine Prewett’s usual Christmas Decorations including lots of greenery, perpetually burning candles that do not catch fire or drip wax, and garlands of winter flowers with soft balls of glowing light interspersed throughout. And the choir of glass angels that actually sang if you got to close to them.

It was a small, traditional wizard wedding ceremony performed by the local vicar and family friend in the Prewett Drawing Room in which both Emmeline and Gideon cried (yes, he’s sap, feel free to mock him – we’re not talking sobbing here, just visibly wet/damp eyes, okay?) Fabian stood up for Gideon, Andi for Emmeline. Ted wore plaid (much to Fabian’s horror. Plaid? At his dinner table?) And generally Dorrie stole everyone’s attention, though she was quiet in Ted’s lap during the ceremony.

The groom has asked that all those invited not disclose the marriage to anyone for their safety, though he did not go so far as enforcing that magically (but only because Em and his mother would not allow it – it was bad enough that he only gave them two weeks to get ready for the wedding).
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