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Emmeline Vance

Summary: Emmeline and Gideon take their new nightly routine to Gideon's house. They savour the time before having to get up and not getting caught.

Gideon woke up with Em in his arms and could not help but smile. "Good morning," he whispered and kissed her head gently, not really know if she was awake or asleep

"Mmm..." Em was, in fact, just on the edge of asleep and awake, so she nuzzled closer into the warmth, her brain a bit cobwebby.

Gideon shifted slightly so that he could glance at the clock on the wall - there was plenty of time still before breakfast. No one was likely to knock on the door to Emmeline's room for a while yet. He settle back and pulled Em just a b it closer to him

Em sighed, letting out a small yawn, her brain just beginning to wake up. Her cheek against his shoulder, she moved her arm to lie at his waist as she slowly became more awake. She took a small breath with a familiar scent. Gideon. She smiled and turned her head slightly to kiss his skin.

"Did you sleep well?" Gideon asked with a slight grin.

"Mmhmm. You?" She asked, eyes still closed.

"For some reason, it took me a while to get to sleep last night."

Em's brows rose and she opened her eyes a little to look at him, with a very small smile. "Implying anything?"

"Yes." Gideon grinned.

"And what, pray, would you be implying, Matthew?" She grinned, her fingers absently stroking the skin at his waist.

Gideon reached over and covered her hand with his. "That we are expected at breakfast in a little while and do not have time for you to be doing that."

"What about this?" Em grinned and nipped his skin lightly.

"Definately not a good morning activity."

"Not even this?" She kissed his jaw.

"Emmeline, my love, you do not have to listen to the lecture that my mother would give me if she caught me here in your room." Gideon said (but shifted her face so that he could kiss her full on the mouth anyway).

Her heart jumped, as it always did when he used that endearment. "No, but I would have to listen to a
lecture of my own if we were caught." She grinned and glanced at the clock. There was still some time.

"My mother would likely offer to explain preventative potions." Gideon looked frightened at the thought. "We do have time."

Em almost laughed at the image of Gideon's mother giving her a lecture on contraceptives. She nodded. "We have time. And it's not as though I need the lecture."

Gideon's eyebrows tried to disappear in his hair (which was eased by the fact that his hair was not spiked up at the moment.) Then he grinned wickedly. "That is good to know."

Em blushed a bit, not quite sure how to respond to that, his wicked grin creating havoc with her insides. Of course, she fell back on her normal response. She ran her fingers through his hair.

Gideon closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her hands in his hair.

Em watched him, eyes going over his face, memorizing every detail as she threaded her fingers through his hair. She smiled, trying to picture what it would be like if she could do this every day, if she could wake up like this... What would Gideon look like when he was older? What would their children look like? An image of the little blue-eyed boy crossed her mind.

Gideon reached up and pulled her hand down to kiss it, then sat up in order to bend down and kiss her on the mouth again. There were distinct advantages to this.

Em blushed as his kiss brought her out of her day-dreaming, which recently had gone a bit farther than it normally did. Since she had gone shopping with Andi for baby things. Em kissed him back, all other thoughts forgotten for the moment.

Reluctantly, Gideon lifted his head. "I should probably get back to my room shortly, and let you get ready for the morning."

Em let out a breath and pushed back an escaped hair, nodding slightly. She leaned up and kissed him again. "I have to say I love mornings."

Gideon grinned. "I am rather fond of them myself."

Em returned the grin and tucked her head into his shoulder briefly. "I'm glad you asked me."

"I am glad you let me spend the night with you last night."

Em smiled against his skin. "I'm certainly sleeping better, if even you aren't."

"I slept fine once we finally got to sleep."

She poked him in the stomach. "Still with the insinutations..."

"Are you telling me you didn't enjoy staying up late?

"Me? Never." Grin.

"In which case, I will go back to my room now and leave you in peace."

"Just one thing before you do..."

Gideon looked back with an eyebrow raised.

Em went and tilted her head up to smile into his eyes. "Night's are wonderful, but mornings are even better." She pulled him down for a last kiss.

"Nights are better; I don't have to leave for hours yet."

"Point taken." She grinned, linking her arms around his waist briefly. "To be truthful, anytime with you is best."

"It is a good thing Fabian can't hear us." Gideon grinned.

Em's eyes danced. "A very good thing."

"He would be making gagging sounds, or worse."

"And we wouldn't want to traumatise him."

"More like we wouldnt want him to attempt to traumatise us in retaliation." Gideon grinned.

"And that would not be good." Em smiled. "I'm not ready to let you go, but I have to." She glanced at the clock and back at him.

"I am afraid so. I will see you in a very short time at breakfast." Gideon kissed Em again.

She held onto him for a few moments, then reluctantly drew back. "Any more of that and we will definitely get caught," Em teased. "See you at breakfast."

Gideon grinned, and then apparated back to his own room, hoping no one had knocked on his door while he was gone.
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